Personal Watercraft Courses

PWC is an acronym for personal water craft which generally covers what we know as ‘jet-skis’. A license for a PWC is obligatory in Spain and the Guardia Civil make frequent checks.

PWCs are confiscated when there is no license holder on it! The RYA course results in a certificate valid for life, during daytime and can be taken as of 12 years old. Until the age of 16, the child should have an adult on the back of the PWC.

The RYA course focuses on safety, equipment & rescue, managing speed & sea conditions, use of the kill cord, awareness of other craft on the water and collision regulations, technical ability and navigation amongst other things.

The course lasts one day and can be done with a maximum of 6 people using 3 PWC’s, with the instructor using the RYA coded RIB. PWCs can be private or we can charter PWCs from our partners Nauti-Parts in Port Adriano. Please note that rules regarding the use of PWCs in the Balearics are different to those of Spain, eg distance from shore, speed, proximity to other boats.

The cost per person reduces with an increasing number of people and also depends on how many PWCs are chartered or whether you provide yourself. Fuel costs are extra. Please check what the options are with our school.

1 person €250
2 people €400
3 people €500
4 people €600

Jet ski hire if required €250