Useful Information

Sailing course information

Average Daily Sunshine Hours and Temperatures °C

Sunshine Hours Air Water
Jan 5 10 14
Feb 6 11 14
Mar 6 12 14
Apr 7 14 15
May 10 18 17
June 10 22 21
July 12 24 21
Aug 12 24 25
Sept 8 23 24
Oct 6 19 21
Nov 5 15 17
Dec 4 12 15

Arrival and Departure times . . .
Arrival time for courses 1800 hours Sunday. Departure time – Friday 18.00 hours. Please note the departure time cannot be extended due to the short turn around time to prepare the boat for the next crew. Unless otherwise stated courses run over 5 days, commencing Monday at 0930 hours and concluding Friday at 1630 hours.

What to bring with you . . .
Storage space is limited so we suggest that you travel light. The atmosphere is also very informal, so there is no need for an extensive wardrobe – ladies may like to bring a summer dress and men a lightweight pair of trousers but you will probably find yourself living in swim wear or shorts and t-shirts. Whatever you bring, please carry it in a soft-sided bag for easy storage and not a suitcase. During the late summer and winter season you will require wet weather gear. A jumper, sweatshirt and lightweight trousers are handy year round for the cooler evenings and night-time sailing.

Additional Items . . .
Sun and Wind Cream, Toiletries and Sea Sickness Tablets. Don’t forget your camera as the dolphins frequently visit us.

About Port Andratx . . .
A beautiful natural harbour with magnificent mountain scenery Port Andratx was once a fishing village but now is a popular and upmarket residential area and sailing/fishing port. Very picturesque with a choice of many cafés, restaurants, bistros, boutiques and a nightclub. It can be equalled to St. Tropez. Palma, the capital of Mallorca, is approximately 25 miles way.

Contact Paul for details on: 0034 607 597 098